– High Power Rotary Contact

High Power Rotary Contact Applications from 100A to 10.000A and Higher
with weftron's Louvered Contact Band

The task at hand for this High Power Rotary Contact was to transfer a current load of >5000A into a bi-directionally rotating copper shaft. Extended field usage have prooven the succesfull accomplishment.

Electrical connectors are a complex subject. Adding the requirement of a high power rotary contact feature contributes even more to the complexity of such a desig. Among several interdependent parameters, the number of contact points and reliable contact forces are key elements to electrical connectors.
With weftron Louver_tron contact band a product or machine designer will be given the missing link to what else is standard dimensional specifying of conducting cooper or brass components. All the critical parameters that make a connector function are covered by weftron.com contact band. Of course, weftron will also assist in specifying those mechanical design parameters.
After inserting pre-formed or flat Louver_tron contact band elements in between two machined mating conducting surfaces, the design inherent features of weftron contact band will take over the rest that is needed for a High Performance - High Current Connector. Or, as in the particular application, a High Power Rotary Contact solution. A very dense arrangement of individually sprung contact elements will provide multiple contact points and more current paths per footprint than most other contact systems available on the market. How a multitude of low resistance contact points arranged in parallel benefit the total resistance of a contact system is quickly understood when remembering Ohm’s law. So in fact, the key feature of weftron contact band is extremely low connection resistance. A feature that is very key to High Current Connectors but also to other applications depending on low electrical losses such as in medical or testing equipment. The special feature of High Power Rotary Contacts for example, are beneficial in the design of machines working on the basis of electrical induction or in robotic applications.
As there is a toss of benefits between higher and lower contact forces, the contact force of Louver_tron contact band may easily be adjusted by altering dimensional contact chamber layout, in order to suit the application’s requirement (as for Example in High Power Rotary Contact applications). The rest is up to creativity in product design. So instead of adopting appearance and performance of a product design to “off the shelf connectors” Louver_tron contact band enables the economical integration of High Performance Connectors right into the product.