louvered contact band for every fprm of connector design

louvered contacts for sockets, pins and flat conntors such as busbars

What is Louver_tron contact band and what are the benefits of multiple contact points in a connector?

The basic common principle of all Louver_tron contact strips is to provide multiple contact points in a very dense arrangement of consecutively sprung contact elements that are arranged in parallel.

Louver_tron is a product family within the weftron product range of electrical contact band and electrical contact strip designs.

When inserted between precision machined metal parts they will provide precisely defined spring loaded contact points. For high performance electrical connections a high number of contact points is obviously a key requirement. Furthermore  the physical width, thickness and surface treatment of the required contact bands need to be considered. Therefore weftron contact bands with dense arrangements of contact points are available in several variations. Depending on the application and performance requirements different weftron louvered contacts or contact lamella may be selected.

The basic common principle of all Louver_tron contact strips is to provide multiple contact points in a very dense arrangement of parallel, consecutively arranged sprung contact elements. In absence of a defined technical term, the individual sprung contact elements are commonly compared with similar looking technical elements. Hence also referred to as contact lamella, louvered contacts or crown springs. In the final application these multiple current points have significant advantages over contact systems with less or with only one or two current paths.

Any contact system and hence any connector will cause a certain resistance in an electrical system. In critical and demanding applications it is essential to assure the least restriction to current flow. So the main design inherent advantage of Louver_tron louvered contact band is easily explained with Ohm’s law. In a system of electrical resistors arranged in parallel, the total resistance is a function of:
(average resistance per resistor) / (number of resistors)

So the resistance calculation of a contact system using Louver_tron is:
(average contact resistance of individual louvered contact) / (number of louvered contacts).
Find out how you can easily integrate your own design of a High Power Connector or Low Loss Connector using Louver_tron louvered contact bands and add value to your overall design here…..

louvered contact band for every fprm of connector design


Louvered Contact Band
- Technology

louvered contact bands are precision stamped metal strips. Specifically used for electrical power and signal transmission between metal components of an electrical connection. Markedly louver shaped contact bridges are arranged in parallel along the length of the stamped metal band. Similarly to ladder rungs they are attached to the side rims of the metal strip.  So these louvers perform as individual mechanical torsion springs when in use between two mating metal surfaces as well as electrically conduction elements.

Mating metal components

The mating metal connector components may be round in shape as for example in pin and socket connectors. Furthermore they may be flat as for example with fork and knife type contacts such as busbar connectors. Or they may also be used in between two flat mating surfaces such as pressure plate connections. So the louvered contact band will be fixed to either of the mating components. Hence it will be compressed to working height when both components are mated. In this mated condition the individual contact bridges will exert even and precisely defined mechanical spring force between the two components and will perform as the functioning conducting elements for passing electrical current.

Each of the contact bridges act as precisely defined contact points that represent low resistance connections arranged in a parallel circuit. In reference to Ohm's law the more contact points per foot print the lower will be the total contact resistance of the connector.

Electrical connectors are often used under extreme mechanical and environmental conditions. With high current loads on small footprint. Subjected to heavy vibrations as well as continuous micromotion. Extreme temperatures and aggressive environments.

Such conditions require high quality electrical connections. Connectors with Louver_tron contact band by weftron.com are the best choice to provide High Performance Contacts for those special requirements. Louvered contact bands may be classified in two categories. - Single component contact bands - which are stamped from one material and - Multi Component contact bands - which are composed of a carrier strip of one material with attached individual contact plates of another material.
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